A Place To Skate 
Tameslouht, Morocco
Photographs + Film


The film documents the most recent project by Concrete Jungle Foundation, a charity organisation with a mission to stimulate personal and community development through skateboarding, a skatepark in Morocco. Throughout their six-week stay, the team built a 750m2 skatepark within the grounds
of the Centre Fiers et Forts, a children’s homean orphanage that sits just south of Marrakesh. The skatepark and its activities will be integrated into the daily programming for the children of the centre and will soon open to the wider community of the surrounding areas.

The film focuses on the local apprentices whilst demonstrating the strengths of the global skateboarding community. The build was fuelled entirely by the driving passion to share skateboarding. There was a big focus for the skatepark to not just to offer a place to skate but more a place to learn and explore all of the joys and valuable life-skills that follow alongside skateboarding. Most notably, an emphasis on the social and creative impact.

Volunteers worked through the days and nights of the build to make it the space that exists there today. The film focuses on the process of the construction whilst also mentioning the future of skatepark construction in Morocco. It concludes with a nod towards the bright time ahead for all of the children at the brand new Fiers et Forts Tameslouht skatepark.